Trust & Treachery is an anthology long in the making. With a decades-old love of politics, the editors are seeking to capture the drama and the danger that exists in power struggles, politics, and posturing. Whether it’s parliament, the royal family, a coven, or even your homeowner’s association – power and politics breeds distrust, intrigue, and violence.

At it’s core, this anthology about relationships…and power. It is about people more than institutions. All group interactions, whether they are governmental, corporate, professional, academic, religious, or social are influenced by power dynamics. The origin of the state is found in the art of interpersonal conflict.

Trust & Treachery is a great fit for a wide breadth of genre submissions including Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror.  Some examples of stories and poetry that we’d love to see include:

  • Political Sabotage
  • Mutinies in Space
  • Faery Intrigues
  • Conspiracies against the Crown
  • Werewolf Clan Infighting
  • Planetary Power Struggles
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Assassination by Sorcery

We are interested in the dark corners in the halls of authority, the intimate exchange of secrets and the all too human (and sometimes inhuman) emotions that drive us – greed, love, hate, fear and above all the hunger for power.

The editors a re looking for works representing the entire range of experience—including all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, sexual orientations, abilities and views on life. We believe excellence in writing is the best criterion for choosing works to include in our publication.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at:  TreacheryAntho@gmail.com.