Q.  Do I have to make my submission online? Can I just email you my story?

A.  The online submission manager allows us to better organize and track submissions to make sure you get the most efficient response from us. Please do not email us submissions directly as they will not get into the appropriate editorial queue.

Q. Do you take simultaneous submissions?

A.  It’s okay to submit your story to us and also to another publication at the same time. But please let us know, via your cover letter, that a submission is simultaneous, and to let us know immediately if a piece is accepted elsewhere.

Q. Did you get my submission?

A.  You should get an automatic notice of receipt from our Submission Manager to let you know we’ve received your story. If you do not receive it within 24 hours, please contact us at TreacheryAntho@gmail.com. Do NOT send us your story to this email address.

Q. Can I submit an excerpt from my novel?

A.  As long as your excerpt works as a stand-alone story, and it hasn’t been published, we’d love to see it.

Q. I’m outside the United States, can I still submit?

A.  Absolutely.

Q. What if my story is too long or too short?

A.  As stated in the Guidelines, we’re looking for stories between 1,000 and 5,000 words.  The further your story deviates from these guidelines, the better it will have to be.  Less than 50 words, we probably won’t notice; 500 words, it’d better be important; 5,000 words, you’d better knock our socks off.

Q.  What formats will the anthology be available in?

A. Trade paperback and Kindle (and possibly other electronic) formats. We are also considering a crocheted version, but that will depend on the market price of yarn when the book is published.

Q. When will the book be published?

A. In time for the Hannukah and Ramadan shopping season in 2013. (Also, in time for Christmas.)

Q. How come there aren’t more FAQs on here?

A. Cuz you haven’t asked them yet. Duh! :-)