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DG Bracey is a shadow-chaser, sand-scribbler and freelance writer from the coast of South Carolina. He writes Collision Fiction – where characters and conflict crash.

Since graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Journalism, DG has peddled his wares to any publication with an audience larger than two. He is currently finishing his first novel and searching the shadows for inspiration because there is a whole lot of sand yet to be scribbled.

If you wish to ruminate about humanity, ponder the expansion of individual universes or just say hi, DG can be reached at stillink@hotmail.com.

You can find DG on Facebook and on his brand new Twitter Account.

Author Q & A

Do you have any recent events to announce (of publications or anything else exciting)?
I have a few of my shorts coming out in the next couple months. My short story, The Gaping, is coming out in the Underground Voices Yearly Anthology in December. Another short, Feather Boa will be published by Criminal Class Press in January. My short story, Squatter’s Season, was featured in the November issue of Scissors and Spackle. You can also download the story, Basement Songs from www.shortstoryamerica.com. It will also be featured in their yearly anthology, out in April.

What inspired you to write this story?
Taking long drives in the middle of nowhere in the rural south. And I’m obsessed with cult culture and the egoists who lead offbeat factions.

What books and/or authors have most influenced you?
It started with Seuss and Sendak and runs currently into the minimalists and experimentalists – Chuck Palahniuk, Elmore Leonard, Denis Johnson and on and on.

What are you reading now?
A computer screen. The book I’m currently having a relationship with is oddly enough a young-adult, second-person novel titled, You, by Charles Benoit.

What are your current projects?
I’m editing my debut novel but I always have a few short stories in the hopper.

Do you have any advice for other writers?
Join a writing group with writers and editors you trust. Follow your gut but edit with your head.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
Drop me an email if you liked my story. Hell, drop me an email if you didn’t like my story.

What is your favorite quote, by whom, and why?

Oh, so many quotes I love. But if I can boil it down to one, it would be, “The author should shut his mouth when his work begins to speak.” It’s by Friedrich Nietzsche. I love it when crazy people say wise words.

What are you most proud of accomplishing so far in your life?
I’m a sentimental guy, my kids make me proud everyday. But as far as personal accomplishments – this novel was pretty daunting but I also excel vocally on Rock Band, so I guess it’s a toss-up.

What inspires you to write and why?
It beats the alternative of updating my Facebook status with “Is considering a nap”.

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?
I met Mickey Spillane when I was twenty. He was like a hundred. I tried to talk to him about being a writer. It went kind of like this. I said, “Hi Mickey, I’m a writer too.” Mickey said, “Oh yeah, do you write every day because you have to?” I said, “Well, not everyday.” Mickey said, “Come back and talk to me when you’re ready to commit.”

The best compliment I’ve ever received was when I was thrown out of school because my journal in English class was deemed too offensive – I filled every page with a first-person, fictional narrative of a serial killer. It had to be at least decent to get that much attention.

Tell us something unusual (or fun) about you.
I have eleven toes. It made my mom get really creative when it came to, This Little Piggy.

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