Trust & Treachery Author Beth Cato’s Latest News

Congratulations to Beth Cato on her latest publications. Stolen from her website:

Her story “Clementine, Who Swims with Mermaids” is featured in the Oceans issue of Penumbra, and over this year she’ll have more fiction in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Oomph, Blue Shift Magazine, and Big Pulp, and poems in Tales of the Talisman, Abyss & Apex, Star*Line and Space and Time Magazine.

Her poetry is in  “The Truth About Fairies” in Star*Line 36.2, an autobiographical poem “autism” at Every Day Poets, a steampunk poem “Mice” in issue 28 of Mythic Delirium, and “Cloud Shapers” in Illumen.

Pretty awesome, yes? Congrats Beth Cato!  We’re proud to have you on board!

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