Trust & Treachery Author John Floyd’s Latest Release – Deception

Deception Book CoverTrust and Treachery author John Floyd’s latest release is Deception It looks to be very popular as I know personally that Amazon was out of stock and has had to re-order at least once.

From his publisher, Dogwood Press: Deception isn’t only the name of this book, or the title of one of the tales inside. It might be said that deception is also the central theme of the hundreds of short stories John M. Floyd has written and published over the past nineteen years. Many are mysteries and some represent other genres–fantasy, Western, romance, etc.–but all of them involve trickery and Hitchcockian plot reversals.

The second story in Deception, “Turnabout,” was included among Other Distinguished Mystery Stories of 2011 in The Best Mystery Stories of 2012 (Mariner Books, 2012).

You can get a behind-the-scenes view of the writing of Deception from John’s “Next Big Thing” blog post at SleuthSayers, and if you want to get a taste of John’s writing you can read “The Outside World” in the March/April issue of the Saturday Evening Post.

Congrats John Floyd!  We’re proud to have you on board!