Happy New Year! (And a great Inauguration)

Happy New Year to all of our Trust & Treachery family and friends!  I’m sitting at home watching the Inauguration recovering from a couple of tough weeks and wanted to offer an update.

Firstly, we hope you have had a wonderful 2012 and that 2013 promises to be an amazing year ahead.  After some personal and professional interruptions throughout this last year, we are back on track.  We’ve been busy editing stories throughout the holidays and have even added a new editor to help get us back up to speed.  We’ll be telling you all about her soon.

Look forward to more bios.  There are several patient and fantastic authors that I can’t wait to introduce you to this year who have graciously allowed us to include them in this anthology.  In the mean time, have a fantastic Inauguration and a great New Year!

Day Al-Mohamed