Selections Complete!

After much reading and careful consideration we have our final picks for the anthology.  And it wasn’t easy.  We have around 30 wonderful authors with amazing tales from mystery to science fiction to horror to what I hear being called “dystopian.”  :)  Everyone should have received an initial acceptance.  About 50% have received their contract and initial Q&A.  And this weekend, I hope to be sending out payment to those who have returned their contracts.  I had hoped to move a bit faster, unfortunately my day job had other ideas.

For those of you reading this looking forward to the anthology itself, let me just say – we’re on our way.  I am thrilled with some of the unique takes in these stories in addition to the craftmanship and thought.  There should be something for everyone in the final book; likely several “somethings.”  :)

In the interim, we hope to keep you entertained with information about our fabulously clever authors.

Thank you everyone for your patience and your talent.